Welcome to the official website of the Jefferson Middle School Band – Northside ISD – San Antonio, TX.

Band Directors: Mrs. Angela Dominguez,  Mrs. Gayle Calderon,

& Mr. Joseph Lunstrum

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Congratulations to the 37 students who made the All Region Bands! We are so proud of all the students who made it to the final audition- they represented Jefferson extremely well!!!

Leslie E. 1st Chair Flute Even Band & Orchestra

Ashley C. 2nd Chair Flute Even Band and Orchestra

Molly M. 3rd Chair Flute Odd Band

Josephine M. 4th Chair Flute Even Band

Jasmine L. 5th Chair Flute Even Band

Wesley H. 2nd Chair Oboe Odd Band

Gabby P. 1st Chair Clarinet Odd Band and Orchestra

Sebastian T. 6th Chair Clarinet Even Band

Anna C. 7th Chair Clarinet Odd Band

Annabel O. 7th Chair Clarinet Even Band

Perrin W. 12th Chair Clarinet Odd Band

Krystal E. 15th Chair Clarinet Odd Band

Alexis L. Clarinet 3rd Alternate

Becca M. Clarinet 7th Alternate

Nathaniel B. 1st Chair Bass Clarinet Odd Band and Orchestra

Grant S. 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet Even Band

Andrea B. 1st Chair Bassoon Odd Band and Orchestra

Austin S. 2nd Chair Bassoon Even Band

Savannah B. 3rd Chair Alto Saxophone Even Band

Julian O. Tenor Saxophone 2nd Alternate

Christian B. 9th Chair Trumpet Even Band

Marcel P. 12th Chair Trumpet Odd Band

Julian G. Trumpet 2nd Alternate

Kelsie R. 2nd Chair French Horn Odd Band and Orchestra

Mariana U. 5th Chair French Horn Odd Band

Tessa T. 5th Chair Horn Even Band

Jaedon J. 6th Chair Horn Odd Band

Cecilia C. Horn Second Alternate

Nyia A. 2nd Chair Trombone Even Band and Orchestra

Bryan M. 4th Chair Trombone Even Band

Jazmine H. Trombone 2nd Alternate

Collin S. Trombone 4th Alternate

Laisza D 2nd Chair Baritone Odd Band

Michael J. 4th Chair Baritone Even Band

Eryn M. Baritone 4th Alternate

Allen D. 2nd Chair Tuba Even Band

Jonah H. 5th Chair Tuba Odd Band

JMS Band Calendar 2014 – 2015


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