Welcome to the official website of the Jefferson Middle School Band – Northside ISD – San Antonio, TX.

Band Directors: Mrs. Angela Dominguez,  Mrs. Gayle Calderon,

& Mr. Joseph Lunstrum

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Congratulations to our All Region Band Members!

Cassidy W.- Flute 4th chair even band

Ava V.- Flute 6th chair even band

Savannah P.- Flute 8th chair even band

Yasmine G- Flute 9th chair odd band

Sydney A.- Flute 9th chair even band

Wesley H.- Oboe 1st chair odd band

Yasamin P.- Oboe 2nd chair odd band

Anabel O.- Clarinet 2nd chair odd band

Sebastian T.- Clarinet 3rd chair odd band

Perrin W.- Clarinet 9th chair odd band

Alex M.- Clarinet 12th chair even band

Rebecca M.- Clarinet 13th chair odd band

Danielle F.- Clarinet 16th chair odd band

Alexis L- Clarinet 8th Alternate

Nathaniel B.- Bass Clarinet 1st chair odd band

Austin S.- Bassoon 1st chair even band

Isbel H.- Bassoon 1st Alternate

Tyler J.- Basoon 2nd Alternate

Joshua Q- Alto Sax 3rd chair even band

Jacqueline V.- Alto Sax 6th chair odd band

Josue I.- Alto Sax 6th chair even band

Julian O.- Tenor Sax 1st chair even band

Anthony C.- Bari Sax 1st chair even band

Joshua E.- Trumpet 3rd chair even band

Rafael R.- Trumpet 6th chair even band

Christian B.- Trumpet 11th chair odd band

Corey B.- Trumpet 12th chair even band

Mariana U.- French horn 2nd chair odd band

Sarah M.- French horn 3rd chair odd band

Tessa T.- French horn 3rd chair even band

Victoria L.- French horn 4th chair even band

Thomas G.- French horn 6th chair even band

Matthew S.- French horn 3rd Alternate

Janelle J.- Trombone 2nd chair odd band

Jocelyn F- Trombone 3rd chair even band

Daniel M- Trombone 6th chair even band

Robert B.- Trombone 7th chair even band

Collin S. – Trombone 8th chair odd band

Dylan M. – Baritone 2nd chair odd band

Michael J.- Baritone 3rd chair odd band

Emily M.- Baritone 3rd Alternate

Jonah H.- Tuba 1st chair even band

Franco G.- Tuba 2nd chair odd band

Austin T.- Tuba 2nd chair even band

Allen D.- Tuba 4th chair odd band

Chris H.- Percussion 3rd chair even band

Charles S.- Percussion 4th chair odd band

2015-2016 JMS Band Calendar

  • Begining Percussion
  • Beginning Tuba & Baritone
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  • Beginning Saxophone
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